Psoriasis & Vitiligo

XTRAC Laser for psoriasis and vitiligo is an innovative and safe alternative to many therapies for treating psoriasis, eczema and vitiligo. It is a fast and effective treatment that targets right to the spot of the problem without unnecessarily treating the surrounding healthy skin. To treat psoriasis, the laser uses a carefully focused beam of light through a guide device to concentrate only on the psoriasis lesion. This allows the clinician to deliver the high doses necessary for rapid clearing right to the exact lesion spot, minimizing exposure of healthy skin to random ultraviolet rays. For the treatment of vitiligo, the XTRAC laser utilizes UVB light to potentially stimulate melanocytes the may be present deep in the skin. Individual results will vary. For psoriasis, the results vary depending on the body surface affected; however, most patients are able to obtain relief in just ten or fewer brief treatment sessions (often 75%-100% clearance). For vitiligo, clinical studies have shown the repigmentation will generally begin within 6 to 12 treatments (if it is going to occur), and successful repigmentation can often be obtained in 30 treatments or less.